Magic for your stuff.

Tired of having to figure out what to do with your stuff?
ThingFairy to the rescue!

How It Works

Put it under your pillow.

Put a thing under your pillow

It can be anything -- a tooth, a book, the still-throbbing viscera of a vanquished foe. (As long as it fits under a pillow.)

Use the app.

Use the app to let us know

Simply swipe through nine ads and seven levels of menus, then tap the "Come Get It!" button. It literally could not be easier.

A ThingFairy cometh!

ThingFairy to the rescue!

One of our ThingFairies will be dispatched to retrieve your item -- and leave you a surprise in return!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThingFairy?

ThingFairy is an innovative new service aimed at a market that is ripe for disruption: the tooth fairy market. Every day, millions of parents around the world deal with the hassle of manually exchanging teeth for change. Our founders were bold enough to dream of a world where this hassle was a thing of the past -- and where the ease and convenience of tooth fairying was extended to adults and their stuff, too.

Is "tooth fairying" seriously a real phrase?

Probably. Who knows. Look, we went to Stanford, trust us.

But I never thought of playing tooth fairy for my kids as a hassle! It's a fun way to bond with them while they are still young.

You have kids??? Get out of the way, old man! This is disruption we're talking about! It's going to roll right over your little life whether you like it or not!

Sigh. OK. So how does it work?

It's super simple:

  1. Join ThingFairy
  2. Put something under a pillow in your house
  3. Use the app to tell us you've put something under a pillow in your house
  4. One of our ThingFairies will come to retrieve it -- and leave you a surprise in its place!
  5. Next morning, experience delight

What's a ThingFairy?

ThingFairies are our staff of crack item-retrieval specialists.

"Crack item-retrieval specialists"?

Well, insofar as most of them were selling crack before we hired them.

Hold on. You're going to be sending a crack dealer to come into my house?

And to rummage around under your pillows! While you sleep!

But --


But how do they even get into the house in the first place?

You read the part above about most of them having serious criminal histories, right? Do you seriously think they can't find their way around a deadbolt?

OK. So they're in my house. How do they know which pillow has the thing underneath it? My phone's GPS isn't that sensitive.

They just rummage around under every pillow until they find it.

Every pillow?

Yeah. And frequently closets, chests of drawers, etc. Anything they feel like rummaging through, really.

But my privacy!

Don't fret! We have an ironclad, industry-standard privacy policy.

And how do I know they won't take anything else that catches their eye other than what's under the pillow?

You don't. Why do you think people apply for this gig? It's not because we pay a living wage or offer benefits, I can tell you that much.

That sounds an awful lot like theft to me.

We prefer to call it "the sharing economy."

But I get something out of all this, at least. Right? The ThingFairy leaves me a surprise.

That's right! It's totally magical and delightful.

What kind of surprise?

While our guidelines recommend money in an amount commensurate with the value of the submitted item, our lawyers tell us we have to inform you that determining the actual content of surprises is the responsibility of each individual ThingFairy.

Wait, what?

Popular ThingFairy surprises include soggy sheets of cardboard, discarded tampons, and used hypodermic needles.

Wait, WHAT?

You're welcome!